Top 4 Places to Visit in Idaho

A trip to Idaho will be a memorable experience for you. It’s a wonderful place to visit alone as well as with family and friends. For those who are going to Idaho for the first time, here are some places you must visit.


This is a mountain town on Payette Lake. You can go hiking and enjoy a lot of water sports here. There are other mountain towns near McCall that you can visit too. During winter you can try skiing or snowmobiling. McCall is full of beautiful scenery and exciting opportunities.

Sun Valley, Idaho

It is also a mountain town that is near the Sawtooth Mountains. Here you will find the Twin Falls. Many celebrities flock here during summer and winter. It is a paradise for the skiers. In summer you can go hiking or biking and in winter skiing.

There are lots of restaurants and bars here and these places give you a good chance to spot celebrities.

Shoshone Falls

The Shoshone Falls is the largest waterfall in Idaho. This is even higher than Niagara Falls. You can see the Snake River from here too and go kayaking just under the falls. You can also visit the Blue Heart Springs and Thousand Springs State Park from here.

Craters of the Moon

This is a fascinating place to visit. You can go on a tour and a mini-hike around the place. You will learn about various types of lava and can get into caves. You will feel as if you are walking on the moon’s surface.

These are some must-visit places in Idaho. You will fall in love with the amazing natural view and will enjoy all the outdoor activities this place has to offer.