Tips for Outdoor Activities in Idaho

Tips for Outdoor Activities in Idaho

If you are an adventurous person, then you will enjoy visiting Idaho. It’s a great place for the outdoor people. With so many parks, mountains and amazing natural beauty the place has many things to offer to the tourists. Here are some outdoor activity tips for you.


There are amazing lakes, trout fishing streams, and expansive reservoirs. This place attracts anglers all year round and you will have a world-class fishing experience here. Whether you want to catch Chinook salmon in summer or rainbow trout in winter, you will get everything here.

You can do fly fishing, winter fishing, and other types of fishing here. You can come with your fishing equipment or rent it. Many state parks in Idaho offer fishing opportunities. You can even stay overnight in cabins or cottages to enjoy fishing at its best.

Hiking and backpacking

Looking for some raw adventure? Then go hiking and backpacking. You can go into the wilderness or beside lakes. There are many trails for hiking in Idaho. It has the nation’s biggest designated wilderness after Alaska. You will find varied topography here. You can go for a short hike or a lengthy backpacking tour.

You will find some great hiking trails near the famous Yellowstone National Park as well. If you plan to go on a backpacking tour, then please make sure that you take all the necessary things with you like your phone, food, water, extra clothing, sleeping bag, and more.

As you will be hiking in remote places, you need to be well equipped. You will find places to stay overnight. There are lodges in many parks where people go hiking.


There are thousands of miles of trails for the bikers. Whether you are a novice or an expert you will find suitable biking trails here. You can go for a ride in the foothills of Boise or go for scenic rides in the various state parks in Idaho. As you ride enjoy the scenic views of the mountains and lakes. For a better adventure, you can go mountain biking.

Rafting and kayaking

Idaho is a great place for river sports. You can have a great adventure at the rivers and lakes. It’s a great place for rafting and kayaking. You can go on an adventurous tour with families in a deep river gorge. Rafting and kayaking are great ways to discover the rivers of Idaho.

Explore natural beauty

In Idaho, you will find everything nature has to offer, from sandy dunes to snowy summits. You can take a jet boat ride through the canyon. There are wonderful places to discover the wilderness.

The magnificent mountains and the huge pines are breathtaking. There are lakes to explore and beautiful waterfalls to visit. You can even see the northern lights here. You will get the opportunity to enjoy nature at its best here.

So, there are many things you can do if you go on holiday to Idaho. It’s a land of natural beauty and adventure. So, just try these activities there and keep safety tips in mind.