Things to Know About Idaho Casinos

Things to Know About Idaho Casinos

Idaho is a wonderful place to visit. There are many things to do and if you are a gambling person, then you will find casinos there too. Though people now gamble on online casino sites, you shouldn’t miss the chance of gambling in the real casinos.

In Idaho, no casinos provide live table games. You can play electronic versions of baccarat, blackjack, craps, and roulette. Slots, poker, and bingo are also available. Casinos in Idaho are located in remote locations. There are free casino apps that will show you the locations of these casinos and even give you directions. So, locating these casinos won’t be a problem.

The casinos in Idaho are affiliated with the Native American tribes. Some casinos have hotels. The Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort is the biggest casino in Idaho with 300 rooms and 7 restaurants. There is a huge golf course, spa, and a big casino. Fort Hall Casino has 156 rooms and 4 restaurants. There are hundreds of video gaming machines. They also host bingo nights.

The age restriction for most casinos in Idaho is 18 years, but the Clearwater casino only allows people aged 21 or older. You will love the atmosphere of these casinos. The staff are friendly, and they provide all the assistance you need throughout your stay at the casino.

When you travel to Idaho, make sure you take some extra money to gamble, as it’s something you shouldn’t miss. If you enjoy gambling, then stay in one of these casino hotels so that you don’t have to travel long distances for gambling. These hotels are immensely popular in the area, so you need to book in advance to reserve the best rooms.

Hotel Facilities in Idaho

Hotel Facilities in Idaho

If you are planning to visit Idaho for a vacation, you need to first book a good hotel. In Idaho, you will find hotels of various price ranges. The hotels are located in good locations, so it will be convenient for you to move around. Here are some facilities that the hotels provide for the guests.


Many hotels in Idaho have a spa facility. After you have roamed around the city for the whole day, you will be tired after coming back to your hotel. If you visit the spa facility, you can relax both your body and mind.


Some of the hotels have a huge golf course. Golf is a wonderful way of spending your leisure time. You will find all the golf equipment inside the hotel on rent. If you are a golfer, it is a wonderful opportunity to sharpen your skills.


You don’t have to excuse your daily exercise regimen just because you are on holiday. The hotel owners in Idaho understand the need for fitness and so in many hotels have a fully equipped gym.

Free wi-fi and casinos

All the hotels in Idaho have free wi-fi access for the guests. So, you can easily contact your friends and family back home. You can stay updated on social media and share your photos and videos of your trip to Idaho. There are online casinos like playstar where you can play online casino games.

Some also have onsite casinos where you can enjoy a few hands of poker or a slot game or three.


The hotels have wonderful restaurants so you won’t need to go out for lunch or dinner if you are feeling lazy. You can have various choices of food that will satisfy your appetite. Some of the restaurants are located near the pool or garden.

You will find these facilities in most of the hotels in Idaho. Just make sure that you book in advance to get a room at these hotels.

Top 4 Places to Visit in Idaho

Top 4 Places to Visit in Idaho

A trip to Idaho will be a memorable experience for you. It’s a wonderful place to visit alone as well as with family and friends. For those who are going to Idaho for the first time, here are some places you must visit.


This is a mountain town on Payette Lake. You can go hiking and enjoy a lot of water sports here. There are other mountain towns near McCall that you can visit too. During winter you can try skiing or snowmobiling. McCall is full of beautiful scenery and exciting opportunities.

Sun Valley, Idaho

It is also a mountain town that is near the Sawtooth Mountains. Here you will find the Twin Falls. Many celebrities flock here during summer and winter. It is a paradise for the skiers. In summer you can go hiking or biking and in winter skiing.

There are lots of restaurants and bars here and these places give you a good chance to spot celebrities.

Shoshone Falls

The Shoshone Falls is the largest waterfall in Idaho. This is even higher than Niagara Falls. You can see the Snake River from here too and go kayaking just under the falls. You can also visit the Blue Heart Springs and Thousand Springs State Park from here.

Craters of the Moon

This is a fascinating place to visit. You can go on a tour and a mini-hike around the place. You will learn about various types of lava and can get into caves. You will feel as if you are walking on the moon’s surface.

These are some must-visit places in Idaho. You will fall in love with the amazing natural view and will enjoy all the outdoor activities this place has to offer.

Tips for Outdoor Activities in Idaho

Tips for Outdoor Activities in Idaho

If you are an adventurous person, then you will enjoy visiting Idaho. It’s a great place for the outdoor people. With so many parks, mountains and amazing natural beauty the place has many things to offer to the tourists. Here are some outdoor activity tips for you.


There are amazing lakes, trout fishing streams, and expansive reservoirs. This place attracts anglers all year round and you will have a world-class fishing experience here. Whether you want to catch Chinook salmon in summer or rainbow trout in winter, you will get everything here.

You can do fly fishing, winter fishing, and other types of fishing here. You can come with your fishing equipment or rent it. Many state parks in Idaho offer fishing opportunities. You can even stay overnight in cabins or cottages to enjoy fishing at its best.

Hiking and backpacking

Looking for some raw adventure? Then go hiking and backpacking. You can go into the wilderness or beside lakes. There are many trails for hiking in Idaho. It has the nation’s biggest designated wilderness after Alaska. You will find varied topography here. You can go for a short hike or a lengthy backpacking tour.

You will find some great hiking trails near the famous Yellowstone National Park as well. If you plan to go on a backpacking tour, then please make sure that you take all the necessary things with you like your phone, food, water, extra clothing, sleeping bag, and more.

As you will be hiking in remote places, you need to be well equipped. You will find places to stay overnight. There are lodges in many parks where people go hiking.


There are thousands of miles of trails for the bikers. Whether you are a novice or an expert you will find suitable biking trails here. You can go for a ride in the foothills of Boise or go for scenic rides in the various state parks in Idaho. As you ride enjoy the scenic views of the mountains and lakes. For a better adventure, you can go mountain biking.

Rafting and kayaking

Idaho is a great place for river sports. You can have a great adventure at the rivers and lakes. It’s a great place for rafting and kayaking. You can go on an adventurous tour with families in a deep river gorge. Rafting and kayaking are great ways to discover the rivers of Idaho.

Explore natural beauty

In Idaho, you will find everything nature has to offer, from sandy dunes to snowy summits. You can take a jet boat ride through the canyon. There are wonderful places to discover the wilderness.

The magnificent mountains and the huge pines are breathtaking. There are lakes to explore and beautiful waterfalls to visit. You can even see the northern lights here. You will get the opportunity to enjoy nature at its best here.

So, there are many things you can do if you go on holiday to Idaho. It’s a land of natural beauty and adventure. So, just try these activities there and keep safety tips in mind.

5 Idaho State Parks to Visit and Stay

5 Idaho State Parks to Visit and Stay

Idaho is a great place for a holiday. If you visit Idaho, then you must visit at least one of its 30 state parks. The best thing about these parks is that they not only offer some of the best views, lakes, and opportunities for activities but also good accommodation.

So, if you want to spend some relaxed time in these parks, then you can stay in cabins. About twelve such parks have cabins which are big enough for accommodating big families.

Castle Rocks State Park

This is one of the oldest parks and a popular destination for tourists. There are campsites in the Pinyon Pine forest on the slope of Smoky Mountain. So, you can imagine what a breath-taking view you will have living in this park.

There is the Lodge at Castel Rocks Ranch where up to eight people can stay. Even pets are allowed. The cabin has a fully equipped kitchen. There are four bedrooms and a living room. You can sit on the deck and enjoy the outstanding view of the park.

Then there is the Bunkhouse which is quite cheap and can accommodate up to 12 people. The guests can use the facilities at the Smoky Mountain Campground like the showers and other things. You must come with sleeping bags, food, and personal gear.

There are two yurts where six people can be accommodated. You will find a wood stove and electricity. There is a double and a twin bed. You won’t find many facilities here but you can use the campground facilities nearby.

Harriman State Park

Visiting Harriman State Park will not only be a scenic journey but also a historic one too. It was a private retreat for the Guggenheim and Harriman families. So, you can learn a lot about the history of this place while staying here. The Bunkhouse here has 7 beds, so it can accommodate a large number of people.

There is electric heating and a full kitchen. It is a riverfront lodge, so you can imagine the wonderful view you will get from here.

Heyburn State Park

The Park is popular for its lovely waters and flower-filled meadows. There are cabins, cottages, and campsites here where you can stay. The cottages are furnished with a kitchen, dining, and living area. There is a picnic table and charcoal grill outside for you to have barbeque parties. You can use the facilities of the campsites nearby.

These parks are worth visiting. You can come here with a large group and enjoy the wonderful view of the park. So, with so many lodges available to stay, you won’t have any difficulty finding a good place to stay overnight or for a couple of days to get the entire view of these wonderful parks.

You can go camping, fishing, mountain climbing, boating, and other activities. During the holiday seasons, the place can get busy. So, you need to book in advance.